McDonald's makes sustainable commitment

11 March 2011
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11 March 2011 | Lindsay Clark

Fast food restaurant giant McDonald's has set out a vision to eventually source all food and packaging from sustainable sources.

The corporation said that “over time” its suppliers would only provide agricultural raw materials for its food and packaging from land that has been certified as sustainable by an external third-party evaluation process.

McDonald’s SustainableLand Management Commitment (SLMC) will first focus on the five areas it believes will make most impact: beef, poultry, coffee, palm oil and packaging.

CEO Jim Skinner said: “We will continue to focus our energy on developing sustainable sourcing practices and broadening our menu choices. Each year, we set goals that challenge us to put our resources toward strengthening communities and helping maintain a world that can carry all of us well into the future.”

Part of the initiative includes sponsorship of a three-year beef study to investigate carbon emissions on 350 beef farms across the UK and Ireland. McDonald’s is also joining the Roundtableon Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) this year and has committed to source only RSPO-certified Palm Oil by 2015.

“We know that our customers care about where their food comes from,” said Francesca DeBiase, McDonald’s vice-president for strategic sourcing. “McDonald’s and our suppliers have taken many positive steps in the past 20 years to improve the sustainability of our supply chain, and now we’re reaching even higher with our vision for sourcing all of our food and packaging from certified sustainable sources.”

McDonald’s said that by 2013 it would “set goals and make tangible progress for priority products as identified in the SLMC”.

More than 32,000 restaurants around the world carry the McDonald’s name, serving approximately 64 million customers in 117 countries each day.

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