Contracts must include cyber security standards, warns top cop

3 October 2013

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4 October 2013 | Gurjit Degun

Supply chain contracts will need to include cyber security standards to start mitigating the growing threat of attacks.

That’s according to the national lead for the police force for economic crime Adrian Leppard. He was speaking exclusively to Supply Management after a CIPS fellows event ‘Cyber Security - Challenges and Responses’ at the City of London’s Institute of Directors last night.

He explained that as there is a growing threat of cyber security breaches, and that more companies are outsourcing various services, the industry will start to see more restrictions for sub-contractors.

“The growing threat in the supply chain that you’ve got now is businesses that are outsourcing their supply chain at various points,” said Leppard. “The IT systems around that might themselves be outsourced to cloud computing. That’s part of the new risk in procurement.

“I think we’ll start to see increasing contractual restrictions placed into commercial contracts about sub-contractors’ cyber security standards to start mitigating that risk.”

Leppard, who is also chief constable and commissioner of City of London Police, told delegates at the event that there is an “exponential growth” in cyber crime.

“Understanding where the risks will go is not the same as looking at the risks of yesterday,” he said. “I think it’s a big issue to understand the corporate loss of the future.

“Here’s the reality, we are not matching the rate that the threat is growing at.”

Leppard also praised the Government’s £650 million investment into tackling cyber crime, as well as its policy and cyber security strategy.

He urged businesses to read Government brochures on cyber security such as 10 steps to cyber security: executive companion and Small businesses: what you need to know about cyber security.

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