Kellogg's will responsibly source top 10 ingredients by 2020

Will Green is news editor of Supply Management
15 August 2014

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15 August 2014 | Will Green

Kellogg’s has announced a new set of sustainability goals including a commitment to responsibly source its top 10 ingredients by 2020.

The company said by 2020 corn, wheat, rice, oats, potatoes, sugar (beets and cane), cocoa, palm oil, fruits and honey will be responsibly sourced using a combination of certification and documented ongoing improvement.

The company has also pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 15 per cent per metric tonne of food produced, expand the use of low carbon energy in its plants by 50 per cent, and increase to 30 per cent the number of plants sending zero waste to landfill.

Kellogg’s said it would help farmers and millers adapt to climate change, improve soil health and optimise water use, and it would develop support and education programmes for smallholders and women facing injustice and inequality in the supply chain .

In a report the firm said: “We know that our most significant environmental impacts occur in our supply chain, in the growing of our agricultural ingredients. In recent years, food security, feeding the ever-increasing global population going forward, has also emerged as a critical issue facing the agriculture industry. As a responsible food company, we want to do our part to minimise the impacts of agricultural production and help the agricultural sector be more sustainable. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s what our consumers – who are increasingly interested in where and how their food is grown – expect us to do.”

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