Travel booking systems need improved content and user experience

Gurjit Degun
6 February 2014

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6 February 2014 | Gurjit Degun

Better content and an improved user experience, not necessarily the use of an advanced booking system, will be the future of travel management.

That’s the view of Oliver Quayle, senior vice president product partner and marketing at travel management software provider KDS.

Speaking during a discussion on the future of travel management booking systems at the Business Travel Show in London yesterday, Quayle said that the next generation of booking travel, known as travel management 2.0, is “massively over-hyped”.

KDS launched two booking systems last year – a 2.0 solution and a door-to-door software – but the former has not been popular with its customers.

“The 2.0 solution just really hasn’t had the uptake because the customers are either unwilling or unable to support what it takes to do a 2.0 programme,” he said.

Quayle added that it’s wrong to think that travel management systems need to appeal to young people. “When we do root cause analysis, we think that generation Y is a red herring,” he said. “I think it’s patronising to say that young people can’t use tools and processes. They have a lower tolerance for a user experience.

“If the tool isn’t mobile they’re not interested and if they can’t get instant access to that content they get fed up quicker. So it’s more about tolerance to the same problem rather than a whole problem in itself.”

Quayle believes that the majority of companies will continue using a 1.0 travel management solution but will understand the user experience and content need to improve.

“We think [travel management 2.0] is real because the technology allows it but we think it’s massively over-hyped at the moment,” he said. “Where that will end up, I think a few companies will be complete 2.0, a few will be hybrid taking bits of both but the majority will be good old fashioned 1.0 with better content and a better user experience.”

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