30 textile brands sign up for responsibly-produced cotton

Gurjit Degun
2 January 2014

Thirty textile companies across the USA, China, Taiwan and Europe have signed up to a programme that sources responsibly-produced cotton.

Cotton Leads is committed to improving farm production practices, environmental stewardship and “the dissemination of best practices information broadly throughout the world's cotton producing countries”.

By signing up to the scheme, the brands will only use cotton sourced responsibly through Cotton Leads. Its cotton accounts for roughly 17 per cent of global production. Cotton Leads, which was launched just over two months ago, is a joint initiative by the Australian and US cotton industries.

Among the well-known companies that have become members of the Cotton Leads initiative are: Fruit of the Loom, Central Textiles, Tuscarora Yarns, Mount Vernon Mills, and the Esquel Group.

American brand Fruit of the Loom was one of the first companies to sign up to the scheme. Tony Pelaski, the brand's chief operating officer, said: “Fruit of the Loom continues to strive for the highest level of corporate responsibility in our supply chain. As a member of Cotton Leads, we are assuring consumers of our commitment to sustainability and traceability in the cotton we use in our products.”

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