The six crucial elements of successful change management

Gurjit Degun
6 July 2014

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7 July 2014 | Gurjit Degun

Having the right frame of mind and utilising data and facts are two of the key ingredients for successfully driving transformation.

Speaking at a CIPS member event in London last week, Toby Munyard, partner at procurement consultancy Efficio explained the six elements of effective change management.

These were:

Data and facts. “This is probably the one thing that gives you an ability to be able to have a discussion,” said Munyard. “If you’re going to change someone’s mind, giving them something around factual information doesn’t mean they’re going to but it increases your chances of being able to do it.”

Process. “If you tell people ‘I’m going to do this and I’m going to come back and ask you things at different points in this process’, you’re going to get engagement with them,” he said. “You need to take things through a structured process and be upfront with what you want to do.”

Rigour and depth. “You’re not going to create a desire for change without taking the rigour and depth associated with the facts,” explained Munyard. “We often see some really good people who are just stretched across too many things and are unable to do things in a more rigorous manner and therefore sometimes fail.”

Market insight. “You have a better understanding of what’s going on in the market than anyone else in the business,” he added.

Talent and skills development. “We do a really good job of teaching people how to write a tender, how to run a process, how to write a contract, how to negotiate, but do we spend enough time talking to people about talent and skills development?” asked Munyard. “I think we as a community do not spend enough time and effort on developing talent and skills associated with change.”

Frame of mind. “Change is about the way you work with people,” said Munyard. “It’s really challenging to change people’s mind when you’re struggling to change yourself. Your frame of mind is 90 per cent of this.”

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