Project to tackle conflict minerals given grant to expand efforts

20 November 2014

A programme to build responsible minerals supply chains in conflict areas will be expanded following a grant from Motorola Solutions Foundation.

The philanthropic arm of the telecommunications firm Motorola Solutions has given the grant to non profit organisation Resolve to expand the Solutions for Hope project tackling conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Colombia and other countries.

Solutions for Hope helps companies, civil society organisations and governments work in partnership to build responsible minerals supply chains in regions where due diligence and market access are limited because of armed conflict and supply chains with limited transparency.

Responsible sourcing of minerals from conflict regions can allow companies to support and contribute to peacebuilding, reducing armed conflict and violence while meeting their businesses’ supply chain needs.

Solutions for Hope was first piloted in the DRC by Motorola Solutions and electronics firm AVX, which publicly committed to establishing a responsible “closed pipe” tantalum supply chain from mine to smelter to component manufacturer to original equipment manufacturer.

The expanded Solutions for Hope platform will seek to pilot its approach with other minerals and regions. With support from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Resolve initiated a programme in Colombia to support transparency in that nation’s gold, tantalum and tungsten sectors in tandem with peace building and economic development efforts.

Matt Blakely, director of the Motorola Solutions Foundation said: “The Solutions for Hope model demonstrates that companies can make a meaningful contribution to peace building while improving certainty of supply and cost, as well as increased supply chain transparency. With this grant to Resolve, we are supporting the expansion of this proven model to other minerals in the DRC’s Great Lakes region and to other geographies affected by conflict.”

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