CIPS to focus on investing in schools of excellence around the world

Gurjit Degun
2 October 2014

CIPS is to focus on investing in schools of excellence around the world over the next year, group CEO David Noble told the Institute's annual conference in London this morning. The CIPS Foundation – a charity within the Institute – will support these foundation academies.

“[As the Institute grows], we can do more for the public good,” said Noble. “In whichever parts of the world the foundation academies are, we will need sponsorship from corporates because of the sheer money involved to put these schools together. It will help any country that’s deserving to get a good supply and procurement education.”

Noble also said the licensing the profession campaign will also be high on the agenda over the next 12 months. He explained that the United Nations is sponsoring a multi-agency event in Washington DC, US, which CIPS will be a part of, “to get licensing of the purchasing and supply profession across the agency borders”.

“We think that’s a huge opportunity to get the message across to the bodies that have influence around the world to make a difference,” he said.

He added that Chartered Status – is part of the “life-long learning journey”. He said: “It’s no longer enough to get your degree and that’s you finished, life-long learning is the way of the future. [For] Chartered Status you will have to be reassessed each year.

“We have to show the community we operate in and influence that we have up-to-date knowledge, we have the latest thinking, and we’re able to meet their demands of what they want from a supply and procurement function. And because the function changes so much in what it does, that’s why [Chartered Status] is so relevant and why we believe it is so important in looking forward.”

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