Companies asked to publicise anti-slavery measures

Anti-slavery initiative Stronger Together has launched a webpage where businesses can publish details of the steps they’ve taken to tackle modern-slavery.

Under the ‘business partners’ section, companies can upload evidence to publicly demonstrate their commitment to tackling hidden labour exploitation.

Stronger Together is a UK initiative that provides guidance and resources to download at to help organisations. Set up last year, it is already supported by a number of large UK supermarkets, the Salvation Army, Sedex and Anti-Slavery International, among others.

According to latest UK Human Trafficking Centre statistics, reported cases of human trafficking have increased by 22 per cent in a year and cases of trafficking for labour exploitation having risen by 85 per cent in two years. David Camp, Stronger Together programme coordinator, said some progress had been made in the first year of the initiative.

“Almost 500 managers from 300 business sites attended our workshops and pledged to spread the anti-slavery message to an estimated 250,000 workers. This next phase enables businesses to publicly demonstrate their commitment to tackling forced labour and human trafficking by uploading evidence of the actions they have implemented to deter, detect and deal with these forms of modern slavery.”

Kate Bradley, the minister of modern slavery and organised crime, said: “Greater transparency will give customers, campaigners and shareholders the information they need to hold all big business to account while also supporting companies that do the right thing.”

As reported by SM, the Home Office this month announced that UK big businesses will have to publicly state each year what action they have taken to ensure their supply chains are slavery free.  Statutory guidance will be produced “setting out the kinds of information that might be disclosed to help companies comply,” the Home Office said.

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