Buyers among hardest working professionals, survey finds

Gurjit Degun
30 September 2014

Procurement and supply staff are among the hardest working professionals, according to a study by recruiter Robert Walters.

The company’s Career Lifestyle Survey 2014 found buyers are “most prone” to taking work home or working on their days off.

The study of 755 professionals found 41 per cent of those working in procurement and supply chain regularly work overtime, on a majority of weekdays. This is significantly more than in IT (23 per cent), financial services (30 per cent) or accountancy (34 per cent), said Robert Walters.

More than four in 10 buyers take work home or go into the office at the weekend. The same applies to only a fifth of those in marketing, 31 per cent in HR and 34 per cent in legal, according to the research.

“As a result of this, the vast majority – 90 per cent – feel their work contributes directly to the success of the business,” the study said.

It also revealed procurement and supply chain workers’ main reasons for leaving a job are often non-financial. “Three in 10 procurement and supply chain specialists would seek a new role for lack of career progression opportunities or an unsupportive boss, with poor company culture contributing to 23 per cent of departures,” said Robert Walters. “Only 13 per cent would leave because of a disappointing salary review.”

More than half of buyers rank work-life balance or interest in the work as “very important”, the report added. 

James Franklin, manager of procurement and supply chain recruitment at Robert Walters, said: “Longer working hours reflect the increased importance of supply chain and procurement functions to the wider business, particularly in sectors where cost-cutting and efficiency measures continue to set the agenda. A widespread trend for working later into the evening or at weekends is also stark testament to the commitment and work ethic of those that the profession typically attracts.”

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