Election 2015: Greens pledge to end market-based procurement in NHS

Will Green is news editor of Supply Management
14 April 2015

The Green Party has pledged to introduce an NHS Reinstatement Bill that would “end market-based commissioning and procurement” in the health service.

In its manifesto, launched today by leader Natalie Bennett, the party said it would also “oppose the privatisation” of policing and probation services and “end the marketisation and outsourcing of education”.

The Greens have also pledged to “keep trade local by allowing local authorities to favour local procurement to help their local economy”.

The party has promised to give more powers to the Groceries Code Adjudicator and “increase localisation of the food chain and encourage direct sales via local markets”. The party would “support fair trade for farmers and enable them to gain independence from disadvantageous contracts with supermarkets by strengthening the powers of the supermarket ombudsman”.

The manifesto said the Greens supported “improved food labelling and better traceability of our food to prevent further food scandals such as the horse meat scandal”.

“We don’t want a privatised outsourced state, we want a green and democratic one,” said the manifesto. “We want a public National Health Service, not privatised healthcare. The uncoordinated actions of millions of individuals, with unequal access to wealth and power and urged to maximise their own interests without regard for anyone else’s, will only deepen the crisis. This is what’s on offer from the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, from Labour and from UKIP.”

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