Election 2015: Welsh produce on the menu for Plaid Cymru

1 April 2015

Promoting procurement of Welsh produce in Wales is among the priorities in Plaid Cymru’s election manifesto.

The party said the idea was part of its Welsh contracts for Welsh companies scheme.

The Working for Wales manifesto outlines a policy to see food produced, processed and sold locally, and to support the localisation of the food chain to reduce ‘food miles’ to reduce pollution and support local farms and processing facilities.

Plaid Cymru also wants to strengthen the role of the groceries code adjudicator to better protect farmers and those involved in the supply chain to ensure they get a fair deal.

On housing, Plaid Cymru said it would ensure the Housing Revenue Account Subsidy System worked for the benefit of Welsh local authorities, which have retained their social housing stock and continue to support local procurement for housing, using the i2i toolkit to ensure greatest local economic and social benefit.

The party also said its Build 4 Wales scheme would allow extra infrastructure spending opportunities for the Welsh Government, creating up to 50,000 jobs and developing a centre of excellence for infrastructure procurement and delivery within the principality.

Plaid Cymru’s overall manifesto priorities are securing parity of powers and resources for Wales with Scotland, ending austerity and permanently rebalancing the UK economy with targeted investment.

Party leader Leanne Wood said that the party would unleash Wales’ economic potential in the event of a hung Parliament after the election next month.

"If Plaid Cymru holds the balance of power, we’ll rebalance power and wealth throughout the UK,” she said. “Away from the financial sector in the City of London and to communities such as those in Wales who need investment.

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