Firms lack action over carbon emissions

18 April 2015

Businesses around the world are paying lip service to reducing their carbon footprint while not taking even basic steps to make it happen, according to a report.

A global survey of 300 supply chain professionals by supplier information firm Achilles found businesses claimed reducing carbon emissions would be a bigger priority in 2015 but these words were not backed by action.

Supply chain professionals at companies with more than 250 employees in the UK, US and Canada, Spain, Nordics and Brazil were contacted for the research. These businesses operate in the construction and engineering, oil and gas, mining and cement, power and utilities and manufacturing sectors, so are likely to be involved in particularly energy-intensive activities.

A total of 63 per cent said they would sharpen their focus on reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption this year. But half of these admitted they did not even have a company-wide programme to record and monitor their own emissions and energy use. Fewer than one in five (16 per cent) monitor emissions from their main suppliers and had no idea of emissions in their supply chains.

Adrian Chamberlain, chief executive of Achilles, said: “It’s impossible for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint unless they measure and monitor emissions within their own organisations and their supply chains. In our experience, most large businesses are only motivated to tackle carbon emissions when it’s mandated by clients as part of the tendering process.”

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