First professionals awarded CIPS Chartered Status

10 August 2015

The First two Professionals to receive CIPS Chartered Status said it was a “major step” for the profession and will help promote procurement and supply management’s critical role in organisations.

Mandy Chippindale, director at MC2 Procurement, and Bryan Cook, chief of corporate procurement at the World Bank, both Fellows, took the experiential route and are now classified as FCIPS, Chartered Procurement and Supply Professionals.

“My Chartered Status enables organisations to be assured that I am ahead of my game not only in hands-on experience but also that I am aligned to a global professional standard,” said Chippindale, who has a 25-year career in procurement, including four years as a procurement director at Tata Steel Group. “I am proud to be the first member with Chartered Status.”

Bryan Cook said the process to apply for Chartered Status was rigorous, including five main steps and the combination of an online questionnaire with the submission of statements in four specialist areas, an ethics statement and a viva interview.

“The process took between five and six months to complete and provided the valuable and constructive opportunity to write down and express career experiences and knowledge in the context of professional and organisational achievements,” he added.

Both expect the status will help to raise the profile of the profession and enable them to share their experience and knowledge towards transforming organisations and developing best practice.

“Chartered Status will increase the profile and recognition of the profession,” Cook added. “It has a responsibility to set and maintain very high standards and demonstrate leadership and flexibility as the profession adapts and grows with changing business requirements and technology.”

Chippindale added: “For senior managers and directors (like myself) who sat their CIPS exams 20 or so years ago, procurement was seen in a very different light. The journey from a support function to fulfilling a strategic role in the business is a critical one, particularly given the challenges of global supply chains and fluctuating economies. If senior leaders aspire for the profession to be recognised then Chartered Status is the way forward.”

David Noble, group CEO, CIPS, said: “I’m delighted to announce that our first Chartered Status professionals have been appointed since our launch earlier this year. Both are highly-skilled professionals who continued their approach to lifelong learning by taking the chartered professional path. It’s not an easy option with busy work and personal lives, but I’m gratified that these respected colleagues took this step for others to follow.”

Mandy Chippindale will be speaking at the CIPS Annual Conference on how to achieve Chartered Status. Click here for more details of the event.

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