'Soft skills overlooked by procurement,' says Noble

Rebecca Ellinor Tyler is former editor of Supply Management
27 August 2015

Buyers and businesses are neglecting the importance of emotional intelligence, warns David Noble.

“The value of these soft skills is still being overlooked in the profession and in business, and yet they are such a crucial part of what makes a true professional,” he said.

“Emotional intelligence no longer lies in the realm of ‘nice to have’ and only relevant to particular sectors. It is an essential part of our development as professionals but also as human beings in a world increasingly defined by the way we communicate and interact with each other.”

The Group CEO of CIPS made the comments as the institute announced it has partnered with JCA Global to offer guidance to members on developing their skills in this area to support global business challenges.

It is essential the gap is plugged as recent surveys from the institute have revealed links between poor relationships with suppliers and higher risks of supply chain disasters.

To further develop knowledge in this area, CIPS members are asked to participate in a study to understand the levels of emotional intelligence in the profession. The initial findings will be discussed at the CIPS Annual Conference in London on 8 October 2015, with a full report available next year.

The event at The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel will hear from procurement professionals at ITV and Marks & Spencer who used forms of psychometric testing to raise self-awareness and knowledge of how to interact with stakeholders and suppliers to best effect.

JCA Global will also make the ‘hard case for soft skills’ in a breakout session. This will debate the business case for emotional intelligence in procurement and introduce delegates to a tool that will enable them to apply this at work.

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