BCD Travel releases travel risk management guide

27 February 2015

BCD Travel has released a guide aimed at helping corporate travel managers build effective travel risk management (TRM) programs.

In November 2014, the company surveyed 510 travel managers globally, with results showing traveller safety and security were considered the most important factors in creating a successful program. Savings and cost control were ranked the second most influential issues ahead of traveller satisfaction, efficiency and environmental impact.

BCD’s subsequent guide, Travel Risk Management: Keeping Business Travellers Safe and Secure, provides advice on divisional management, traveller communication and employee engagement.

The guide places a strong emphasis on effective data capture, with managers urged to collect historical incident data in order to map risks, and review travel data to better understand the travel patterns of employees.

Communication between departments and clear ownership of travel risk is also stressed, with IKEA being given as an example of good corporate practice. The furniture retailer has recently reviewed its TRM approach, with its security and travel departments taking joint responsibility for traveller safety. IKEA also appointed external travel consultancy ANVIL to provide services such as pre-trip travel advisories and traveller tracking.

Torsten Kriedt, BCD Travel vice president of Corporate Intelligence and Product Planning commented: "Companies of all sizes now understand that business travel risks are not confined to specific destinations.

"At the same time, risk management has become a board-level issue as legislation and market scrutiny set the bar for the required standard of care" he said.

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