Price of a UK hotel stay £73 more than in Europe

15 July 2015

Staying in the UK costs £73 a day more than other European countries, according to research.

A study by HRS found business travellers typically spend an average of £87 per room per night in the UK, compared to £65 in the rest of Europe.

The average total cost of a hotel stay, including the room, was £129 in Europe compared with £202 in the UK. This suggests people staying in the UK, pay £115 in hotel expenses other than the room, compared to £64 in Europe.

London was the most expensive destination at £116 per night, up 15.6 per cent compared with the same period last year. Outside of the UK, Zurich had the highest average room rates at £110. In the UK, the cheapest average room rates were in Edinburgh, (£76) and Birmingham (£77).

Only a third of bookings made with HRS included breakfast, meaning that many businesses were paying an average of £11 per person extra for this meal. HRS said the weak euro meant accommodation on the continent could be more competitive and attractive for travel buyers and events organisers.

Jon West, managing director of HRS in the UK and Ireland, said that there were also wider considerations: “While Europe might look cheaper on paper, it’s important to remember that other costs such as transfers and flights, as well as time spent travelling quickly mounts up, so keeping business trips within the UK could actually be cheaper for a business in the long-term.”

Cities with the most five star hotels in Europe, bookable via HRS (number of five star hotels):

1. London, UK (65)
2. Prague, Czech Republic (41)
3. Berlin, Germany (32)
4. Vienna, Austria (26)
5. Paris, France (26)
6. Moscow, Russia (24)
7. Ankara, Turkey (21)
8. Madrid, Spain (20)
9. Rome, Italy (20)
10. Amsterdam, Holland (17)

Cities with the most boutique hotels in Europe, bookable via HRS (number of boutique hotels):

1. Paris, France (230)
2. London, UK (125)
3. Prague, Czech Republic (104)
4. Rome, Italy (76)
5. Berlin, Germany (75)
6. Madrid, Spain (54)
7. Vienna, Austria (51)
8. Bucharest, Romania (32)
9. Amsterdam, Holland (29)
10. Dublin, Ireland (27)

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Central London and Cheltenham
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