'Bad behaviour is seen as a procurement problem,' says David Noble

Paul Snell is managing editor at Supply Management
8 June 2015

Licensing the procurement profession is needed because of the rapid changes taking place and the damage being done to the public good, David Noble, group CEO, CIPS told an event.

Speaking at the Procurious Big Ideas Summit in London in April, Noble said: “The Institute’s big idea is to license the profession. What I mean by that is to have a licence to practise.” This licence would be self-regulated.

“It’s saying if you have the right to be the owner of your company’s spend and its relationships, you should have a licence of competency and behaviour. Particularly behaviour, because I get a lot of press queries asking why is procurement allowing these things to happen. It is seen as a procurement problem, whether we like it or not.”

Noble said the profession is “on the verge of huge change, which brings huge challenges”.

“I think the area of ethics and social compliance is far bigger than any of us realise, because of things going wrong,” he said.

But for the profession to advance, Noble said what it does and where it adds value needs to be defined, adding there were no hiding places. “You are not safe because there are a lot of other things you are held accountable for.”

He emphasised the need for professionals to sell what they do to the business.

The summit, which was supported by CIPS, involved influencers from the profession, with delegates able to follow the discussion online.

• CIPS has partnered with Procurious in a social media knowledge partnership to highlight how social media is affecting the profession, and encourage the community to embrace new ways of networking and sharing information.

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