The 12 foods you are missing out on because of supply chain shortcomings

Paul Snell is managing editor at Supply Management
16 June 2015

Red Flash strawberries, wild garlic leaves and nasturtium flowers are among the ingredients “being written out of our diets” and “at risk of disappearing”, because they cannot survive supermarket supply chains.

That’s according to local delivery firm Farmdrop, which has compiled a list of 12 foods that cannot handle the intensive processing, last long enough or be produced in the volumes required by major retailers.

Ben Patten, co-founder of Farmdrop, said: “This list is just the tip of the iceberg, in terms of what is wrong with the supermarket system. These are great examples of fresh local produce that are denied to the majority of people because of the way supermarkets operate.”

Twelve locally produced ingredients that can't survive the supply chain

1. Red Flash strawberries
2. Wild garlic leaves
3. Nasturtium flowers
4. Winter purslane
5. Borage flowers
6. Ping tung aubergines
7. Crystal lemon cucumbers
8. Courgette flowers
9. Dandelion leaves
10. Pullet eggs
11. Chegworth Beauty apples
12. Marigold flowers

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