Trump launches presidential bid with promise to bring US jobs home with help of ‘toughest...

Paul Snell is managing editor at Supply Management
18 June 2015

Donald Trump has pledged to hire the “toughest negotiators” to rewrite trade deals to prevent US jobs going overseas, as he launched his campaign to be the Republican candidate in the 2016 US presidential elections.

The property mogul and TV personality promised “a bold new direction” for the country under his leadership, singling out the US’ inability “to beat anybody at negotiation”.

He said: “It is time to stop sending jobs overseas through bad foreign trade deals. We will renegotiate our trade deals with the toughest negotiators our country has…the ones who have actually read The Art of the Deal [his own business advice book] and know how to make great deals for our country.”

Positioning himself as a political outsider who “can’t be bought” by special interests, he said: “It is time for government to be run efficiently and effectively. It is time to get things done, and by done I mean properly done.”

Other proposals set out in his speech included building “a massive wall to secure our southern border” with Mexico, defeating Islamic State “quickly and effectively”, simplifying the tax code and directing money for foreign aid to improve the infrastructure in the US.

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