UK hotels rank low in European customer satisfaction rating

4 June 2015

Hotels in Sheffield have the best guest satisfaction in the UK, but other European cities do better overall, according a survey.

Online reservation company Hotel Info, which examined more than six million evaluations from hotel guests, found that the absolute winner in respect of guest satisfaction in the UK was Sheffield with 8.03 points out of 10. Liverpool came second with 7.95, followed by Leeds, which scored 7.82.

Larger UK cities did not fare as well, with Birmingham receiving 7.22, and London coming last in the list of large cities, with 7.12.

Guests booking a hotel via Hotel Info were asked to evaluate the hotel after their departure for room quality, friendliness of the staff, cleanliness, noise, value for money, fitness/spa facilities, breakfast and gastronomy. 

"The hotels in Sheffield especially distinguish themselves with an above average quality/price ratio as well as a high standard of service and very friendly personnel", said Jörg Malang, CPO at Hotel Info.

However, compared with other European countries, the UK was near the bottom of the overall list. Slovakia (8.22), Poland (8.19) and Bulgaria (8.08) were the leaders in the top 10.

Hoteliers in the UK achieved an average score of 7.39 and were in the penultimate place in Europe, with Danish hotels scoring 7.18.

Of the European capital cities, hotel guests were most satisfied in Warsaw and awarded hotels in the Polish capital 8.37. Bratislava in Slovakia and Sofia in Bulgaria were second and third in the ranking with 8.23 and 8.13 respectively.

Guests were the least satisfied with the hotels in London and voted the largest city into last place with 7.12 points.

Satisfaction of hotel guests: The results for the largest cities in the UK

Position    City    Rating (best score: 10)

1.    Sheffield        8.03

2.    Liverpool       7.95

3.    Leeds             7.82

4.    Bristol            7.80

5.    Edinburgh      7.64

6.    Glasgow         7.61

7.    Manchester    7.50

8.    Leicester        7.36

9.    Birmingham   7.22

10.    London       7.12

Satisfaction of hotel guests: The Top 10 European cities

Position    City    Rating (best score: 10)

1.    Warsaw       8.37

2.    Bratislava    8.23

3.    Sofia           8.13

4.    Helsinki      8.09

5.    Zagreb        8.07

6.    Budapest     8.04

7.    Berlin          8.02

8.    Prague        7.97

9.    Vienna        7.94

10.    Lisbon      7.93

Satisfaction of hotel guests: The Top 10 countries in Europe

Position    Country    Rating (best score: 10)

1.    Slovakia        8.22

2.    Poland          8.19

3.    Bulgaria        8.08

4.    Austria         8.07

5.    Germany      8.02

6.    Czech Rep    8.00

7.    Finland        8.00

8.    Romania      7.95

9.    Portugal      7.94

10.    Hungary    7.94


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