Peterborough Regional College wins 2015 CIPS Negotiation Challenge

10 March 2015

The two strong team of Kamal Hyman and David Yhap developed a winning strategy in the grand final of the CIPS 2015 Negotiation Challenge, which involved acting as property developers who were negotiating over “plots” of land on a map.

Their efforts meant the Peterborough Regional College has been crowned overall winner of the competition.

Each team was awarded certain plots and set a challenge to maximise their holdings, by trading squares with the other teams and grouping them into given shapes to make buildings. Teams were then scored on the value of their assets, how much cash they had left and on their negotiating style.

Hyman (left), a former youth MP and owner of a motivational speaking business, said: “It came down to the strategy we had, which was to pick our opponents wisely and have the guts to make the first move.”

Yhap, who has a background in writing and film production, said: “I learned about applying pressure and knowing when to step back, always being objective and fair.”

The annual competition has been running since 2012 with the participation of the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, involving more than 200 young people aged 16 to 19 across the UK.

The final, involving teams from Amersham and Wycombe College, Dudley College, Leicester College, South Essex College and Oldham College, took place at Heathrow airport and the winners were presented with an award and invited to attend the CIPS Annual Conference in October 2015.

David Noble, group CEO, CIPS, said: “It’s encouraging to see that there are so many young entrepreneurs eager to take part in the Negotiation Challenge. We will continue to strive towards raising the profile of procurement careers to a younger generation.”

Alice Barnard, CEO of the Peter Jones Foundation, said: “The personal qualities that the competition promotes in our Peter Jones Enterprise Academy students – confidence, creativity and the ability to negotiate and to think on their feet – are essential to their development as young entrepreneurs.”

Ian Ballentine, Heathrow’s procurement director, added: “We’re delighted to have welcomed this year’s participants to Heathrow for the final round of the Negotiation Challenge.”

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