Sky's supplier relationship management programme provides 'one-stop shop for risk and quality data'

Will Green is news editor of Supply Management
5 March 2015

A buyer at TV broadcaster Sky has outlined how a supplier relationship management (SRM) programme has been designed to “build a one-stop shop for business risk and quality data”.

Stephen Berwick, an analyst in the procurement operations team at Sky based in the UK, told a conference the software-based system was being rolled out across suppliers.

Speaking at eWorld Procurement & Supply in London, Berwick said the system, know as supplier tracking and reporting or “Star”, was launched in April 2014 following a pilot with six suppliers.

Berwick said previously SRM involved spreadsheets, emails, chasing responses and pulling results together, a process which was prone to error.

“We had manual processes that were inefficient and time-consuming,” he said. “This led to no consistency across our teams and suppliers felt things were being done behind closed doors.”

Berwick said under Star all data concerning a supplier, including service level agreements, KPIs, audits and training, were held in one place. Currently more than 60 suppliers are being fully performance managed on Star.

“We needed a single system that would bring together all areas of Sky’s business across procurement and non procurement areas,” he said.

Afterwards Berwick said the system could be rolled out across the new company created following deals with Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland. “I would want to take this across Europe,” he said.

He explained that purchasing at Sky was spread across business units and the procurement operations team, a centralised function, offered support and some group buying.

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