Eliminate the things that slow you down in life, says film maker Nayla Al Khaja

Paul Snell is managing editor at Supply Management
15 May 2015

Focus on what makes you happy and get rid of things in life that slow you down achieving your goals.

This was the advice from film maker Nayla Al Khaja for delegates attending the CIPS Middle East Conference in Abu Dhabi last week.

She explained that the most important lesson she had learnt in her career was “the art of editing” – but not in the movie making sense.

“I mean editing things you hate in your life,” she said. “If you are in a miserable marriage, get out of it. If you have an employee that is a headache, how do you get them out of your life? That to me is the most important thing, to completely focus on what makes you happy, and to not divert your attention to all the other stuff.

“If you are focused like a horse on a mission, you will reach your goal. It is when you get swayed away that things can slow you down. So after so many years of mistakes – and I’m still making them - the number one thing that sticks with me is you have to eliminate things that slow you down. People that slow you down, or a work environment that is not good for you. What is stopping you?”

Al Khaja, who is currently casting her latest project that she described as a “mega fabulous reality show about Dubai divas”, also said when you face barriers in your career, you need to find a way to get past them.

“When you are very ambitious and you have all these obstacles that won’t let you go forward in life. Why not? When you know you can deliver exceptional service to your client, but they won’t take you seriously because of your nationality or whatever other stereotype, you have to find a way to break them down.”

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