Nigeria's vice president learns of CIPS' value

14 October 2015

CIPS president Babs Omotowa introduced Nigeria’s new vice president to CIPS during an audience with Yemi Osinbajo.

He was also able to discuss the value the institute can add to the new Nigerian government’s transformation agenda.

It comes as part of a series of initiatives CIPS is undertaking in Nigeria to address a national shortage of qualified procurement professionals.

A conference in the capital Abuja is planned for this month in addition to meetings with senior government officials, and CIPS’ Nigeria Branch is working with universities’ outreach programmes to market the procurement profession to graduates and undergraduates.

Omotowa told SM that raising awareness with the young Nigerian population and educating people that procurement unlocks value at strategic levels and ensures ethical practices, could help to increase the number of trained procurement professionals.

“Currently, one can practise without being qualified.Procurement is a relatively new profession and no university offers it as a degree programme yet,” he added. “In Nigeria procurement is not yet fully recognised as a profession like accounting, engineering or law.”

Omotowa added that licensing the procurement profession would help. “It would enhance the credibility of practitioners and establish a standard for assessing their competencies,” he added.

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