Tesco shortens supply chain to boost shelf life

Paul Snell is managing editor at Supply Management
22 October 2015

Tesco is to cut the amount of time produce spends in its supply chain to extend its life on the shelf.

The UK retailer said developments in packing and storage means it is now able to ship produce directly from suppliers in Europe to stores, cutting out the packing stage in the supply chain.

The supermarket estimates this will increase the shelf life of fruit and vegetables, including citrus fruit, tomatoes and peppers, by a further two days.

Matt Simister, group food commercial director at Tesco, said: “The extra days of freshness will particularly benefit customers who are pressed for time and will mean they are less likely to throw away food. The move is part of our efforts to not only help busy families plan ahead but also to help customers reduce waste at home too.”

The change is part of the retailer’s initiative to cut food waste in the supply chain.

Earlier this year WRAP estimated extending the life of a product by one day could prevent 250,000 tonnes of food waste a year.

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