WWF criticises Oak Furniture Land for 'lack of transparency' on timber sourcing

Will Green is news editor of Supply Management
20 October 2015

Oak Furniture Land has been criticised by campaigners for a lack of transparency on its timber sourcing policy.

WWF said despite “repeated approaches” the company has “not shown that it has taken any steps towards publishing either a policy on where it sources its timber, or figures that indicate timber is coming from well-managed forests”.

WWF said Oak Furniture Land scored “zero trees” in its Timber Scorecard, launched in July 2015 and which rates companies on their sourcing standards.

The charity said a zero score was given to firms that are “failing to tell customers if their products are made from sustainable timber, and therefore could be at risk of selling products that are contributing to deforestation”.

More than a third of the 128 assessed firms scored zero trees on the latest Timber Scorecard while half received either two or three trees, the highest score.

Julia Young, manager of WWF’s global forest and trade network programme in the UK, said: “Lack of transparency is unacceptable in an age of ongoing forest loss. How can companies think it is fine to continue like this, telling customers they are responsible and should be trusted, but not sharing any policy or performance information to back it up?

“It seems Oak Furniture Land, for example, is disregarding timber sustainability, despite relying on timber for their business success. Right now, we don’t know if the wood it uses is sourced from well managed forests or not – and nor do its millions of customers.”

Oak Furniture Land did not respond to a request for comment.

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