CIPS joins forces with Applegate

25 September 2015

CIPS has partnered up with online marketplace Applegate to help offer services and business support to members.

CIPS said that Applegate would be able to offer a range of tools and added value services to CIPS professionals through the partnership. This includes supply business information, contact information, price lists and stock volumes, as well as the ability to place quotes with businesses and raise orders.

The Applegate website is designed to give fast access to the UK business-to-business marketplace, hosting more than 400,000 suppliers and millions of products and services online.

CIPS said that procurement and supply chain professionals need access to timely, key data and insight as supply chains become more global and complex.

CIPS group chief executive David Noble said: “So much more is required of our professionals than a decade ago. We cannot all be instant experts in all sectors and with all skillsets, but a global business environment expects much more of us. Having trustworthy support and access to a range of high-quality resources helps to keep our professionals current, up-to-date and authoritative and is one of the most important aspects an institute can offer its members.”

Applegate chief executive Stuart Brocklehurst said the partnership with CIPS was a natural extension of the company’s work.

“In addition to providing the business marketplace, Applegate is in the process of developing significant new services to help make the lives of purchasing staff easier.”

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