Kenya Power warns contractors: 'If you have uncompleted work, don't come back for more'

Will Green is news editor of Supply Management
28 April 2016

Kenya’s power company has warned it will no longer use contractors who hold back projects from hitting completion dates.

Ben Chumo, Kenya Power’s managing director and CEO, told a meeting of more than 400 contractors to “contribute to achievement of the company’s plan to ensure reliability of power supply, enhance connectivity and reduce energy losses by delivering on their projects within the set timelines”.

“If you have not completed work, do not come for more,” he said. “We have had cases where contractors bid the lowest for various projects and then accumulate work, thereby delaying our programmes.

“As a company we are carrying out alignment of our resources – both human and financial – towards modernisation of the existing network, increasing access to electricity countrywide and reducing energy losses to a single digit figure.”

Kenya Power has invested 119bn Kenyan shillings in 252 projects that involve construction of substations, extension of power distribution lines and refurbishment of the existing infrastructure in readiness for the government’s plan to increase the country’s installed capacity by 5,000 megawatts.

Meanwhile, the company is taking action to combat the problem of electricity theft and theft of electrical cabling from transformers. This work includes positioning transformers above power lines where they can’t be accessed by thieves and arresting people who have illegally connected to the electricity system.

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