Speak up about your ideas, says CEO coach Jim Lawless

Rebecca Ellinor Tyler is former editor of Supply Management
12 April 2016

Don't hide behind excuses for not sharing your brainwaves at work, says author, motivational speaker and business adviser Jim Lawless.

Lawless, who’s worked with some of the world’s largest companies including Apple, BT and Barclaycard and does one-to-one coaching with a number of CEOs, told SM it’s about time procurement recognised its significance.

“Businesses are made up of revenue and cost. Procurement owns cost, the supply chain, materials and risk. This means it’s responsible for half the business but does it have an equal voice in the boardroom? If not, what are you going to do about it?

“Is the reason you haven’t got a place because you haven’t knocked on the door?”

Too often, he believes, we use excuses as to why we’ve not acted upon something, preferring to hide behind the thought that the board/customers/shareholders won’t listen.

Lawless, who is addressing the CIPS Middle East Conference in Dubai on the 26 April, said he tries to “hold up a mirror” and raise self-awareness in his presentations. “A lot of people know this stuff already but the gap between what people know and how they act is massive. My job is to remind them and give them a kick up the backside.”

Lawless came up with 10 rules to fight fear and act boldly in his book Taming Tigers. These include, “do something scary every day” , “head in the direction of where you want to arrive every day”  and “never give up”. He tested the principles on himself and became Britain’s deepest freediver and a jockey in 12 months.


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