Simpler pre-qualification for oil and gas suppliers in Tanzania

12 February 2016

A gas consortium in Tanzania has launched a pre-qualification system for suppliers which will become preferred mechanism to select providers for the country’s emerging gas industry.

The East African country has 55 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves and with more than 100 trillion cubic feet of natural gas found in neighbouring Mozambique the region is poised to become a natural gas production hub.

BG Tanzania, Deepsea Metro 1 © 2012 Simon Townsley BG

The supplier pre-qualification system will be run by a consortium made up of UK natural gas company BG Tanzania, Norwegian oil and gas multinational Statoil Tanzania and supplier information firm Achilles.

Achilles said the pre-qualification system would provide a new route for suppliers to market their expertise ahead of potential multi-billion dollar project development opportunities in the country.

The consortium has created a questionnaire to identify supplier capabilities.

As the first part of forming a supplier database the consortium will invite Tanzanian suppliers to provide information on areas such as health and safety, compliance, environmental performance.

“With a clear picture of resourcing, skills and compliance levels in the region, operators will be able to identify suitable suppliers, develop supply chain capacity when needed (and) ensure the highest standards in business critical areas,” said Achilles.

Registering once with the database means suppliers can be considered for work with any buyer in the consortium.

Gareth Palmer, regional director, Middle East and Africa for Achilles, said: “By implementing and using the same online system, Achilles, BG and Statoil are making it as easy as possible for local suppliers to gain a ‘shop window’ with operators before opportunities arise.”

BG Group and Statoil said they hoped to identify and nurture a Tanzanian supply chain for the country’s fledgling gas industry.

Last year Tanzania built a 532km (330 mile) pipeline to connect gas processing plants in capital Dar Es Salaam. The project was financed by a $1.2bn Chinese loan.

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