BT aims to make supply chain more sustainable with new tool

12 January 2016

BT is hoping to increase the environmental credentials of its supply chain with a sustainability assessment tool.

The telecoms firm said that the sustainability assessor tool will allow suppliers to measure their own practices against the most sustainably operated companies in the world.

The tool asks the supplier a series of simple questions about the company’s existing sustainability measures. The answers are then compared with best practice case studies and recommendations are made on how the supplier can improve its sustainability.

Sagemcom, which makes the BT Home Hub, will run a pilot programme with some of its suppliers to test the assessor’s results.

The assessor tool follows on from the telecomm company’s BT Better Supplier Future Forum, set up in 2012 to focus on driving innovation in sustainable business practices.

Erik Raphael, director of BT devices and wifi, said: “The sustainability assessor means we can extend the benefit and learnings of the Better Future Supplier Forum even further into our supply chain. This simple tool helps suppliers measure just how sustainable they are compared with the best in the world.”

Florian Tremblay, sustainable development expert at Sagemcom, said: “Wide-ranging, while capable of being individually tailored, the sustainability assessor has the ability to improve the sustainability of the supply chain. By providing useful feedback to suppliers regardless of their performance level, the tool will educate and support individual companies in a tailored and effective way.”

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