EICC boosts training for student workers in China

14 January 2016

A coalition of leading electronics companies dedicated to supply chain responsibility claims a pilot programme to help student workers in China has improved vocational skills by 55%, maths skills by 34% and reduced school dropouts by 15%.

The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and Stanford University’s Rural Education Action Program (REAP) partnered to create a scheme to give credentials to schools training future workers for China’s IT industry.

The EICC said there was a significant labour shortage in China and many suppliers to the electronics industry were addressing worker scarcity through the use of student workers participating in vocational education and training schemes.

As the quality of these programmes varied greatly EICC-REAP set up a credentialing program in the heavily-populated Henan province to measure the quality of schools that were partnering with suppliers to the electronics industry.

The EICC said establishing systematic monitoring and accountability meant vocational schools have more incentive to provide quality education and safe and productive work experiences. As a result of the programme both students and employers would know which schools provided the best education.

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