Travel risk map unveiled to help organisations assess threats

posted by Anna Scott
in Risk
10 January 2016

A Travel Risk Map has been produced to help organisations understand the travel and health risks they may face in the global locations in which they operate.

Produced as part of a joint venture by medical and travel security company International SOS and consultancy Control Risks, the map shows each country’s ratings for medical and travel security risks.

Countries and regional travel security risks are rated ‘extreme’, ‘high’, ‘medium’, ‘low’ or ‘insignificant’, and there are variable levels of travel security risk within countries.

For example, Mexico, Egypt, India, and Ukraine are examples of generally ‘medium’ travel risk ratings, but they also have higher risk ratings in specific regions.

Medical risks are assigned to countries with ratings for ‘low’, ‘medium’, ‘high’, ‘very high’ or ‘rapidly developing variable risk’.

Rob Walker, head of information and analysis at International SOS and Control Risks, said the company’s analysis had found that 75% of countries had different assessments of medical and travel risk.

“This range within individual countries highlights the complexities organisations face when preparing staff to travel abroad,” he added. “Organisations are encouraged to review both medical and security issues when preparing their employees for travel and assignment abroad.”

Irene Lai, medical director of information and analysis at International SOS, said that the map was created to “help travellers align their pre-trip preparations proportionately with the risks they may encounter in a particular location”.

“Even in countries with a low medical risk rating and state of the art medical services, travellers may still need assistance with language or navigating an unfamiliar health care system – both of which can be significant barriers to obtaining care,” she added.

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