World's tallest cable car opens in Vietnam

6 July 2016

A record-breaking cable car system has opened in Vietnam – a country that already boasts the world’s longest ropeway ride.

Austria’s Doppelmayr has built a 2.1km aerial tramway across Ha Long Bay whose cabins provide space for a record-breaking 230 passengers and which also boasts the world’s tallest ropeway tower with a height of 188.88 meters.

The lower terminal is based at the Bai Chay district of Ha Long City and runs to the top of Ba Deo Hill.

Doppelmayr said: “Vietnam’s current climate of investment in tourism infrastructure can be compared to the upbeat mood seen in the Alps in the mid-20th century.”

The company also said the height of the tower was symbolic as the number eight was considered lucky in Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay in the north of the country is one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist attractions, attracting 7m visitors a year.

Cable car-crazed Vietnam currently has the world’s longest cable car ride between Sapa and Fansipan mountain.

This will be superseded by an 8km ropeway that will connect the islands Phú Quốc and Hòn Thơm to the west of the mainland in southern Vietnam, due to open in early 2017.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines transportation secretary Arthur Tugade told the ANC channel’s Headstart programme that he was considering cable cars to help ease congestion in Manila.

Tugade said he was mulling the adoption of a cable car system used in Bolivia to help reduce road traffic and speed up travel time.

In 2014, Bolivia launched a gondola system between La Paz and neighbouring El Alto.

Tugade said the proposed system could link Pasig City to Makati City.

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