A giant pumpkin. © 123RF
A giant pumpkin. © 123RF

£1,250 paid for single seed in search for biggest pumpkin

18 March 2016

A UK company has bought a single seed from a giant pumpkin for £1,250 in the hope it will create a world record beating specimen.

British seed and plant supplier Thompson & Morgan went head to head against the world’s pumpkin growing elite in an auction at the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth World Conference in Hampshire to buy the seed. It comes from a 1,054kg pumpkin produced by Swiss grower Beni Meier in 2014.

The company has sponsored the official UK giant pumpkin weigh in, held each October at a festival in Southampton, for many years but has never paid out the prize for a UK world record breaker.

Paul Hansord, horticultural director at Thompson & Morgan, who made the winning bid, said: “The UK is home to some of the most passionate and dedicated pumpkin growers. Sadly none have been lucky enough to break the world record.

“To do that you need to start out with the best quality seed. Our payout for the Swiss seed may seem a high price to pay, but it will boost the genetics of UK plants moving forward and give us the best chance of seeing the world title brought to the UK for the first time.”

Hansord is seeking interest from UK growers willing to take on the seed and attempt to break the world record in their own gardens this summer.

He said: “We’re looking for someone with the passion, dedication and time to produce a giant specimen.”

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