Marriott to buy towels 'made in US'

23 March 2016

Marriott International announced that it will provide only US-manufactured towels and bathmats in 3,000 of its hotels across the country, to boost the industry.

The hospitality giant’s move will create new job opportunities within the US supply chain as well as helping manufacturing industries.

The commitment to create “Made in USA” towels will generate a combined total of roughly 150 new jobs across Standard Textile’s facilities in Thomaston GA and Union SC, in the company’s Cincinnati headquarters and across the supply chain, Marriott said ­Standard Textile produce towels that have 100% of their cotton fibre grown in the US.

Marriott claimed the announcement is the first of its kind in the US hospitality industry.

The initiative will result in an annual production of 2.6m bath towels and 4.9m hand towels in the US.

“We believe our guests will appreciate knowing that even simple items they use every day in our hotels represent progress for the US economy,” said Executive Chairman John Willard Marriott, Jr.

“We also hope this sends a message to other businesses that buying locally can make business sense,” he added.

Marriott also expects the policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions “by eliminating more than 300 ocean-going container shipments annually.”

This week Marriott announced its amended $13.6bn offer for rival hotelier Starwood had been accepted, which will create the world's biggest hotel group.

"We are also more confident of achieving our updated target of $250 million of cost synergies," said Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson.

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