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Will Green is news editor of Supply Management
4 March 2016

CIPS is looking for small businesses that are taking steps to eradicate slavery from their supply chains.

The organisation wants to highlight the role of smaller firms in tackling modern slavery, particularly those with turnovers below £36m, the threshold at which companies must report under the Modern Slavery Act.

The call forms part of CIPS’s campaign against slavery, and companies would be featured as case studies in the organisation’s press materials.

CIPS said: “If you are a small business and willing to participate, we’d like to find out the reasons behind your company’s proactive stance on this.

“For example, if this is due to your company’s own commitments to eradicate the problem, your board’s belief that a slavery-free supply chain would be beneficial not only to your reputation but also your bottom line, or simply because your business clients request you to do so, then please get in touch.”

David Noble, group CEO, CIPS, said: “Though the pressure to tackle slavery in supply chains to meet regulatory requirements is on those larger corporates on or over the threshold, it can’t be long before SMEs are compelled to do likewise.

“We know that there are smaller businesses that are already looking into this and we would like to see those good stories out there as inspiration and a pathway to how slavery can be tackled. In reality, bigger companies are already looking into how their suppliers, maybe those smaller businesses, are tackling their own possible slavery, so the pressure is actually now on everyone to make a contribution.”

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