UK outsourcing organisations 'against Brexit'

18 March 2016

The UK outsourcing industry is overwhelmingly against Britain’s possible exit from the EU, a poll from the National Outsourcing Association (NOA) has revealed.

In a survey of more than 100 outsourcing organisations, 73% said Britain should remain part of a reformed EU.

Some 31% considered the “special status” deal reached with EU leaders in February, which granted the City of London safeguards and offered exemptions for migrant welfare rights, to be enough to warrant Britain remaining in the EU.

A further 34% believe Britain could secure a better deal from the union, which would justify the country remaining part of the EU.

However, 17% think no deal can be secured by the UK government that would justify Britain’s EU membership.

The most important reason given to remain inside the union was “to preserve valuable outsourcing and trade relationships”, cited by 35% of those opposed to Brexit.

Of the 27% that opted to leave, mroe than half say Britain should do so to ensure the only government ruling Britain is one elected by the British people.

Kerry Hallard, CEO of the NOA, said: “Outsourcing is a significant growth industry for the UK – currently the UK’s second largest employer – and one where we have every chance of taking a global leadership position.

“Exiting the EU would quickly diminish our role within the global business services industry, guaranteeing negative ramifications for the UK’s financial, legal and consultancy markets, as well as others.”

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