Australia promises faster trade through new initiative

Adam Leach is a freelance business journalist
11 May 2016

Australia’s Department for Immigration and Border Control is calling on companies trading internationally to sign up to a trusted trader programme that will ease the regulatory burden of shipping overseas.

The Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) programme is designed to increase international competitiveness and will see participating companies receive a suite of benefits to speed up shipping processes, including dedicated account managers, faster cargo clearances and closer collaboration with other trading partners.

Companies that meet or exceed global standards on supply chains and trade will be able to apply for the programme and will receive preferential treatment in the transportation of goods. The programme “allows more efficient clearance of low-risk cargo and provides us with opportunities to tailor border clearance requirements to particular risks specific to a business”, the department explained. 

IKEA Supply and Pacific Brands is one of the first participants of the programme, which rolls out fully on 1 July and will receive $69.9m in funding over the next four years.

“This is an important investment that will help Australian businesses remain economically competitive on the world stage while also strengthening international trade and security,” said Peter Dutton, minister for immigration and border control.

“In our globalised world, we need to ensure Australia’s border and supply chain management is as efficient as possible to maximise the benefits to business and the economy.”

The programme mirrors similar arrangements already implemented in a number of countries and complies with the World Customs Organization’s Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade.

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