The supply chain week in numbers


Estimated global cost of counterfeit and pirated goods, according to a new OECD report. This illegal trade amounts to about 2.5% of global GDP. The problem is particularly acute in richer countries: in 2013, EU imports of fakes reached $113bn.


The average weight of a chicken farmed in the US for meat – more than double the 1955 figure of 1.39kg. One of the side effects of the industry’s quest to grow larger chickens to meet surging demand for white meat is a phenomenon called “woody breast”, where hard fibres degrade the texture of the meet. Some estimates suggest 5-10% boneless breast fillets are affected. Consumers are at no health risk but the meat can be harder to chew. 


The price of the stake Dubai group Alabbar Enterprises has acquired in luxury fashion group Yoox Net-A-Porter. Alabbar owns Emaar Properties, whose businesses include the Dubai Mail, which claims to be the world’s most-visited luxury shopping mall. The luxury fashion group, which powers and manages the websites for such brands as Lanvin and Giorgio Armani, was only created last year when Yoox merged with Net-A-Porter. 

1,900 miles

The distance travelled by Wall-E-style delivery droids known as Starship robots in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Estonia and US. Weighing less than 16kg, running on wheels (not the spinning rotorblades that drones use) and able to use pavements, these devices might find it easier to get regulatory approval and are said to be best suited for delivery in rural areas. 


The rise in Adidas’s net profit in 2015, up to €634m. Although this is the sportswear giant’s best result for several years analyst worry that this is mainly driven by a boom in the entire sportswear industry ahead of the Rio Olympics and the EURO 2016 football championships. The group is only third behind Nike and Under Armour in the American sporting goods market and redressing this will be a key priority for Kasper Rorsted when he takes over as CEO in October.


The number of helicopters serving the world’s oil and gas industry which either stand idle or unemployed. Industry executives say there is 20% overcapacity in the industry’s stock and aren’t predicting a turnaround until 2017 at the earliest.

Central London and Cheltenham
Salaries: Central London: £48,305 - £56,163/Cheltenham: £45,341 - £53,023
Central London and Cheltenham
Salaries: Central London: £38,656 - £43,186/Cheltenham: £35,736 - £40,011
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