The supply chain week in numbers

20 May 2016


The initial grant paid by the United Arab Emirates to explore the idea of building an artificial mountain to stimulate rainfall. The government, which spent $558,000 on cloud seeding last year, has awarded the grant to America’s National Centre for Atmospheric Research to study the idea’s feasibility.


The minimum number of industrial control systems in the UK which are on the internet and, according to John Matherly, creator of the search engine Shodan, are unprotected and insecure. Nuclear plants, baby monitors and databases are among the systems and devices that are vulnerable.


The number of pounds of cheese now in storage in the US, a record level. The glut is so large that every person in America would have to eat an extra three pounds of cheese this year to clear it. Production was ramped up two years ago as prices and exports soared but now demand is falling, farmers are making more cheese to safeguard their income.


The percentage fall in jewellery sales in Russia in 2015. The market had shrunk to $4bn by the end of last year and is still shrinking – orders were down 20% in the first quarter of 2016 – as the country’s economic crisis, devaluations, sanctions and falling oil revenues bite.


The record price paid, at auction, for Cap, a 16-month old sheepdog who, according to previous owner Padraig Doherty, has a special calming effect on sheep. Dogs typically sell around £2,000 and Cap smashed the previous record of £9,540 set in 2013.


The number of Africans who have been identified as suffering from hypertension after being screened as part of Astra Zeneca’s Healthy Heart Africa programme. Since the programme started in October 2014, around 1m Africans have been screened. The aim is to reach 10m by the year 2025.


The percentage increase in ready-to-eat popcorn sales in the US since 2010. Much of the growth has been powered by SkinnyPop, a new brand that contains just three ingredients – popcorn, sunflower oil and salt – and contains 150 calories per ounce. Sales of this brand have trebled in the past two years.

Central London and Cheltenham
Salaries: Central London: £38,656 - £43,186/Cheltenham: £35,736 - £40,011
Central London and Cheltenham
Salaries: Central London: £48,305 - £56,163/Cheltenham: £45,341 - £53,023
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