Intel latest tech firm to invest in autonomous cars

21 November 2016

Chip maker Intel is investing $250m into driverless car technology to manage data generated.

The investment will help develop “next-generation” connectivity, communication, sensor and deep learning technologies that will power future driverless cars, it said.

The announcement of a significant investment in driverless and smart car technology follows that of smartphone maker Samsung, which last week revealed it intended to become a major supplier of connected car components through the acquisition of Harman International Industries

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, speaking at the company’s first keynote address at an automotive conference, said the chip maker will be able to provide solutions to the vast amount of data predicted to be generated by autonomous cars.

“When it comes to the car of the future and automated driving experiences… data is literally the new oil,” said Krzanich in a blog post on the day of the announcement.

He estimated each autonomous car could produce up to 4TB of data a day from the various sensors, include cameras, sonar and lidar, that autonomous cars will be equipped with. He added that the automotive industry needed to prepare for the deluge of data.

It was not enough to just capture data, said Krzanich. “We have to turn the data into an actionable set of insights to get the full value out of it [with an] end-to-end computing solution from the car through the network and to the cloud,” he said.

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