New guide on social and environmental public procurement

The UK government has issued guidance on how the public sector should incorporate social and environmental considerations into procurement.

The guidance has been produced in response to the 2014 EU procurement regulations, some of which came into force earlier this year.

“One of the objectives of the new directives is to allow contracting authorities to make better use of public procurement in support of common societal goals,” said the report.

“These goals include the protection of the environment, energy efficiency, combating climate change, promoting innovation, employment and social inclusion and ensuring the best possible conditions for the provision of high quality social services.”

The guidance includes a checklist of rules, information about each stage of the procurement process and suggested contract clauses.

“There is considerable flexibility for contracting authorities to include social, labour law and environmental criteria in the stages of the procurement process and during contract performance,” said the report.

“There are also new obligations in the regulations that require procurers to take certain actions to ensure compliance with various international laws.”

These include national, EU-wide and international social, environmental and labour laws and agreements.

In September a toolkit was launched to help local authorities get the most social value out of public procurement.

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