Rise of the CGO

5 April 2007
Your CPO may now be redundant. According to one recent article, companies should now be thinking of appointing a Chief Globalisation Officer (or globalization, to give it its US origin) instead. The idea behind the position seems to be that it is more effective to have a single executive in charge of all your operations in a far-off land. So this means sales, finance, HR and procurement all coming under the umbrella of one person in a particular region. Networking firm Cisco is one of the first to employ this new position, having appointed Wim Elfrink as CGO at the end of last year. Elfrink, who works in Banagalore, India, says that it is an opportunity to create a significant presence in the country But is this just another fly-by-night position, destined to go the same way as the chief branding officer, chief crisis officer or the chief imagination officer (click here for a complete list)? At least CPO looks like it is here to stay, with more and more companies (Honeywell for example), introducing the post. But can having one person juggling so many functions ever work smoothly? Or is this a good way to make procurement more influential?
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