Ethics and Africa

19 December 2007

Nana Sackey, who works in client advisory at Procredit Bank in Ghana, has some interesting opinions on the ethical sourcing debate.

"Most SM readers are in the developed world. I realise imagining yourself in a less developed country is quite difficult. But try just for a moment to imagine where citizens are so poor that they cannot afford the basic amenities of life. A world where people don't have the money to feed or clothe themselves, or access basic medical care."

"Is it morally "wrong" to give dignity to such people through outsourcing production to their countries and allowing them to earn a small wage? Or would the world rather western companies watch children suffer continued impoverishment than risk violating ethical trading codes? Isn't it morally wrong for established businesses to implement "no sourcing" policies for countries in Indo-Asia, China or Africa because for them it's "ethically wrong"; when people in abject poverty would resort to the most drastic actions just to earn enough to provide a day's meal."

What do you think of her opinion?

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