The softly, softly approach

3 July 2007

Buying soft services, such as marketing, consultancy or legal services, is often perceived as more difficult than buying commodities, because of the value that soft services offer.

The value provided by the services varies, sometimes they offer processes, sometimes experience, sometimes creativity. But how can you compare these values and measure them?

We have seen a number of guides recently on buying soft services, but instructions will be useless to those without the necessary skills to implement them, and beginners may find it difficult to find somewhere to start.

What advice could you give to buyers who have never bought soft services before? Are there any tips that can apply to both soft services and commodities?

London SW1E
Circa £62-68k depending on experience, with attractive benefits
Girls' Day School Trust
Chelmsford, Essex
Up to £44,000 per annum
Essex County Council
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