Don’t cry, it’s only a negotiation

7 June 2007

Screaming, head-on challenges and too much small talk are to be avoided. No, we’re not talking about first date etiquette, but how to negotiate with suppliers.

In the latest (7 June) issue of SM we hear highlights from a number of speakers who presented at ISM’s annual conference in Las Vegas.

One incredibly popular session - which saw some delegates sitting on the floor and others turned away – was Lorrie Mitchell’s Successful negotiating: Mars v Venus style. This explored the different approaches men and women take to doing deals.

Were ladies in the room shocked to discover that whining, crying or directly challenging men is a no-no? Equally, gents learned that screaming, threatening and being sarcastic are not well-received by women.

Have you ever used these tactics in negotiations? What approach do you take to doing deals?

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