The A-Z of purchasing

23 November 2007

Have you ever played that game in the car with your kids where you try and go through the alphabet, thinking of a different object for every letter (A is for apples, B is for Banana for example)?

Have you ever thought about trying it with purchasing?

We'll get the game started here, post your answer with the next letter below.

A is for Auction - Plenty of these around in the procurement profession. E-auctions, reverse auctions, dutch auctions, japanese auctions. Not always beloved by suppliers, or even buyers (take a look at the next issue of SM for some interesting survey results).

Swindon, Wiltshire
upto £40K base (+ Paid overtime and corporate benefits)
Honda Manufacturing Ltd
Kew gardens, Richmond upon Thames, London (Greater)
£37,000 - £42,500 per annum pro rata, depending on skills and experience
Kew Royal Botanic Gardens
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