Procurement mascots

19 August 2008

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By Jake Kanter

We are all familiar with mascots, whether they are the fuzzy face of your favourite football team, or the marketing tool on the front of your cereal box. For many, this is just a cuddly distraction, but some businesses believe a vibrant figurehead can really add value.

A story in the FT today suggests company mascots are playing an important role in brand building. It uses the example of the renowned nodding dog in the Churchill Insurance adverts.

Designed to create a distinction between the company and Britain’s prime minister during World War Two, the chirpy Yorkshire hound has reportedly become more famous than Winston himself. The firm’s consumer research found school children are more familiar with the dog, than one of our most revered leaders.

Could a mascot help boost the reputation of your procurement team?

Can you think of any good mascot suggestions?

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